Britta Böhler writes literary fiction, crime books and non fiction. Her internationally acclaimed literary debut, The Decision, was translated into English in 2015. She currently works on her second novel.


Britta Böhler also regularly writes book reviews, and columns about literature, and once a week, she talks about books on her youtube-channel.

Britta Bolt

Britta Bolt is the pen name for the writing duo Britta Böhler & Rodney Bolt. Together they published a series of crime books, set in Amsterdam and featuring Pieter Posthumus, a very unusual detective…


Britta Böhler (Freiburg, 1960) is a German-born author and former law professor. She lives in Amsterdam and Cologne. (Oh, and her last name can be spelled Böhler or Boehler. Just in case there are none of these weird ö’s available…)